PhD Career Development




Sustainable success in the scientific community is also based on the ability to generate research funds. Considering the current developments in the funding of universities, one can reasonably argue that this competency will become increasingly import in the coming years. This implies that a successful academic researcher must also develop an insight into the (potential) practical spin-offs of his/her research and a sense of how to "frame" or market these. This issue is closely related to the topic of career development. That is, during the PhD phase a young researcher must clarify for himself as soon as possible whether he aims for an academic career or will focus on research-related jobs outside academia. The training provides a structure of relevant and practical techniques, which will be applied on the students’ own research projects.


Participants learn about finding potential research spin-offs, marketing of research, applied research versus fundamental research, research funding and long term career anchors. In all, this training improves the sense of valorization and helps to set realistic career goals, either within or outside academia.